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I will be taking on the topics and issues corresponding to the recent developments in the technological world and their effect on society. The Menu on the upper left hand corner has links to all three of my projects. I would love to hear your thoughts on my writing, and I hope you enjoy my site!

Part 1: Achieving Transcendence, through Irrational Beliefs 


Part 1 explores the idea of how as a society, we turn to a belief in scientifically impossible ideas in order to fulfill our innate desire for profound meaning. This essay explores how these beliefs have fluctuated throughout history and whether they are truly detrimental or beneficial to our society.




Part 2: Music Streaming’s Social Consequences 


I created this slide deck to help present and discuss the issues surrounding the rapidly evolving industries our society is witnessing today. I parallel these economic trends to the second industrial revolution in order to gain some perspective on what these issues may entail for our greater society. I used this project to begin organizing my research for what would eventually lead into my finalized project 3.


Here is annotated bibliography and expanded prospectus for this project.


Part 3: The Ambiguous Consequences of our Monopolized Society

for da powerpointThis final essay explores how the modern tech boom, which began in the late 1990’s, has almost identically mimicked the economic behavior of the second industrial revolution. The essay describes the current state of our society and the possible outcomes that may occur in the future, depending on our actions. Here are some links to some of my drafting steps:


Concept Map

Rough Middle/Research Clusters